Liv and Mette

Oslo - Norway

25 October 2000

This was a really happy tour and I nicknamed it as the L&M tour.

While travelling through the township Kaya Mandi we met up with Lawrence, who was busy doing his trade as a shoemaker. After introducing ourselves to him the picture depicts what happened between him and Mette! <ha ha>


While visiting the cheetah foundation at Spier winefarm Inca was kind enough to allow Liv and Mette to stroke his back while Crystal made sure that all was well.


Liv and Mette enjoying their last morning in Cape Town at De Waterkant Guesthouse




Received - 31 October 2000

Hello Selwyn, 

I had just written you a long answer, but somehow it has disappeared before I got to send it, shame! However, thank YOU very much for your help and information and your patience with us, your certainly are a very knowledgeable person. 

Please give our best regard to your wife, you were both very hospitable and gave us dinner and let us use up0ir PC. I must say you have gone far beyond your responsibility as a guide with everything you did for us. Just the scout meeting and helping Mette with her medicine show that, thanks again.

Best regards to our friend in Pollsmoor and Lawrence as well to De Waterkant  guesthouse next time you go there.

Lots of regards and warm wishes,

Liv & Mette.