Bridge Holidays

Arnold and Roberta Salob 

(Organizers Par Excellence)


15 March 2001


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I met Arnold and Roberta Salob from Bridge Holidays 3 days before their wonderful group of bridge players/cruisers from all over the USA arrived on Cape Town's shores. Arnold and Roberta are 2 of the most extraordinary tour organizers I have ever encountered. They cared for their visitors with a sincerity that came from the heart as well as with efficiency levels that most good tour organizers would aspire to but never achieve. Together we had a fabulous time together exploring what we would do in Cape Town with their group and when the group arrived the pictures that you will see below will tell you whether we succeeded in finding good activities for the group or not  JJ

On day one my brother Robert and I split the group into two so as to be able to have all accommodated in our two mini vans very comfortably. Most of these pictures are of my group but there are pictures of the whole group too.  


Our first stop was at Signal Hill.
Here Maureen, Roslyn, Vera, Terry, Sue ( The lingerie model of yesteryear) J and Marion pose in front of Table Mountain


We had a wonderful lunch at Bon Appetit in Simonstown.
Here Sue, Maureen, Roslyn and Terry smile for the camera to endorse the good food.


Marion and Vera enjoying the culinary delights at Bon Appetit


Maureen having fun at Bon Appetit.

Robert seemingly saying grace before the main meal. JJ


Roberta enjoying the food at Bon Appetit while Andy seems to be having "too much food" pains.


Roslyn getting ready to enjoy a good Bon Appetit lunch.


A great photo of Sue while at Bon Appetit


Terry enjoying a good Cape wine at Bon Appetit


The whole group pose for the camera at Bon Appetit. While this was happening Marion was being entertained by a young man by name of Papa at the entrance to the colony. She openly told us that she thought she had a better time than we had. J


Everybody had great fun at "The Statues" near Scarborough


Roberta, Terry and Sue in the "statue jungle"  J


Terry Sue and Vera taking in the beauty of the Plasier de Merle winefarm


The whole group having fun in the Plaisir de Merle winetasting room


Everybody enjoying themselves in front of the Plaisir de Merle Crest


We then went to La Grange restaurant in Franschhoek and met up with the second group. We had a fabulous lunch and really enjoyed ourselves to the hilt.


It seems as if Ros is saying "So what can this be, an African surprise??"  J


We then moved on to Stellenbosch and visited the black township Khaya Mandi. We nearly had to leave Terry behind for romantic reasons as can bee seen from these pics taken of her and Lawrence in front of his makeshift shoe repair shop. J



On our last day, as we all said goodbye at the Mount Nelson, both Robert and I felt that Roberta's thank you rhyme was a very touching experience and certainly believe that it warrants repeating as we are very proud of it:


Dear Selwyn and Robert are two brothers
As tour guides they are like no others
In white combis they ride
Their guests carried with pride
Treating each visitor as though they are lovers

Selwyn and Robert tell their tales with great glee
Like two kids who are out on a spree
They play pranks on our group
For us they would jump through a hoop
Knowing how to please they sure have the key

So Selwyn and Robert we offer our toasts
You certainly are the most awesome hosts
And your fair city of Cape Town
We award it a crown
Thanks to you, we all surely will boast.


To all who were on the Bridge Holidays tour,

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for gracing us with your presence in our magnificent city. We also thank you with great appreciation for your magnificent gestures and gift. In the future we hope to see you, with all your nearest, in our city so that we can once again enjoy your wonderful company while we show you what we now believe you will recognize as one of the most beautiful cities in the world viz. Cape Town.

Bon voyage and hamba kahle to you all.

Selwyn and Robert Davidowitz